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How to Videotape Volleyball Recruitment Footage

If you’re serious about playing volleyball in college, it’s helpful to show a highlight video of your best plays. Here are some guidelines to get the best video clips.

  • Always use a tripod or monopod while videotaping footage. Hand held recorders often result in bouncy video footage.
  • A high definition (HD) camera can result in better quality footage but is not a requirement.
  • While most people like to sit on the sidelines centered with the net, it’s not the best location to take video. The best place is from behind the players.  The next best place is at an angle that shows both sides of the court. If taking from the sidelines, make sure to take it from the side the player is hitting from.  If recording a front row hitter, video taping from behind the opposite court could also get you some excellent footage.
  • Start recording as soon as you hear the whistle blow and stop the recorder after players are done with their cheers.
  • When showing serves, make sure the video shows where the ball landed. If that’s not possible, make sure to include the referee in the shot so you can weed out the good serves from the bad later.
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